Social Media Consulting

Spencer Technology Solutions is glad to offer Social Media Services to our customers in Roanoke, Salem, Blacksburg, and the surrounding areas.  As Roanoke’s premiere Social Media Consultants we have learned a great deal about our customers in the Roanoke, Salem, and surrounding areas, and the best way to help them meet their Social Media goals for their business. One of the first things many of our customers ask us to explain is exactly what is Social Media Consulting.  Well, I am so glad you asked …

Social Media Consulting is the new outlet for businesses to get their information to the world.  But what is the best way to promote your business and get your information to your customer base ? This is where  your Social Media Administrator comes in?  At Spencer Tech Solutions, we have tackled the Social Media market to learn all we can about how it works, and what are the best ways to assist our customers in getting the best value for their money in marketing.   Some people ask why do I need a Social Media Administrator  why wouldn’t you just do it yourself, after all it is just a facebook page or a twitter account isn’t it ?  The answer is Yes and No.  Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other forms of Social Media can be simplistic in nature, but No it isn’t always easy to do it yourself because having a personal page is different from having a business account in many aspects.

The First thing you want to consider is that a personal facebook page has more privacy than a business page would have, after all the people who post on your wall are people you know.  With a business page, you want it to be open to the public to promote your business so that leaves you open for unwanted comments and posts by spammers.  The first job of a Social Media Administrator is to keep your facebook page, and blog comments clean from negative comments and SPAM.  Also involved in this job is monitoring new people who “like” your page, and responding to positive comments. If someone post a comment with potential sales viability, you want to make sure they get the attention they need right away.   You also want to consider that Facebook  is constantly changing, and your page will need to keep up with those changes (like the recent timeline updates), and a social media administrator would do that for you.

The second thing to consider is your blog.  Sure anyone with  writing skills can write a blog, but how do you make it work for you? Remember blogs not only need to be interesting and written well to appeal to an audience, but they are billboards that drive traffic to your site?  If you aren’t using the correct tools like key words with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and researching with google analytics then your results will not drive traffic to your site.   There are also many other aspects like making sure that any photos you use in your blog are not copyright protected.  Using links to other sites for optimization, and other tools that promote your blog and website.  Your ultimate goal is of course to come up on the first page of google results for key words relating to your business.  This can be done in one of two ways, you can pay an excessive fee to google to run an ad and be placed at the top for a few days or a week, or you can build up data with an archive of blogs that will constantly keep you near the top with the correct placing of keywords.

The third thing is the amount of time it takes to do this, and the networking of all of your social media together.  If you understand all of the processes, you are excellent with computers and social media, and you think you could do it all yourself, the question still remains do you have the time ?  It takes someone dedicated to working on your site every day to get results.  Then of course there is the networking, you want all of your accounts linked together so they work together  in harmony.   This makes it possible for you to post video from your you tube account to a blog or your facebook page, have your blogs published on your facebook page and twitter as soon as they are published and much more.  Sometimes this can be a time consuming chore, that takes constant diligence to make sure the links remain in tact and work ast they should – another thing that will take up your time.

Social Media Administration is a new and up and coming field in Technology, and Spencer Technology Solutions is ready to meet all your needs – let us be your Social Media Administrator.  Give us a call today for a free Social Media Consultation at 540-815-9397.