IT Help & Solutions in Roanoke that really work !

Are you tired of restarting your computer?  Tired of calling help lines and being put on hold– only to finally talk to someone who barely speaks English.  Then, when you finally get a real person he reads from a script and  tells you to try all the things over that you have already done?  It is very frustrating trying to get computer help, in Roanoke, or anywhere these days.  New computers come with “customer service” and 1-800 numbers, but often when you call them, it isn’t help that you get it is frustration.  This is not only frustrating when it is  personal computer, but can be even more frustrating and costly when it is your business having the issue.  Have you ever paid an employee to sit  and do nothing because their computer wasn’t working?   Technology is a blessing ,but sometimes it can also seem like a curse.

 At Spencer Technology Solutions we have dealt with computer  frustration ourselves, and we don’t want our customers to ever have to go through that, so we do everything we can to make getting your computer fixed as easy and painless as possible.  Is your business big enough to have IT problems, but too small to afford a full time IT Staff?  Why not call Spencer Technology Solutions,  we serve as the IT staff for many business’ in the Roanoke Valley. We come to your business, or home office and fix your computer.  If your computer requires special attention, we take it with us, fix it and return it to you in as short a time span as possible.  When you are ready for a change, and ready for real computer help and IT Solutions that work, call Spencer Technology Solutions  at 540-815-9397