Computer and Social Media Marketing with Fishing

10869144-fishermanDid you know that the use of Computer and Social Media marketing is just the new version of fishing ?  All you are doing is fishing for customers on the world wide web ?  Just like regular fishing it is important to use the right equipment, bait, and gear to get the catch.   If your catch has been a little light lately, maybe it is time to let Spencer Technology Solutions help you bait the hook, and cast your line. As your Social Media Administrators,  Spencer Technology Solutions will help you get the catch of the season.

Why not give us a call today, and let us set up a consultation to explain to you the latest in Social Media technology.  For example linking (networking) your blog, facebook, twitter and youtube pages together.  What this means to you is that your Blog, Twitter and other pages are linked together (or networked).  It is important that all of your Social Media be networked together, so instead of casting one line, you are casting a net.  Linking it all together makes your “net” bigger, so when you cast to the web you will catch more “fish”.  Afterall, the larger your net is, the larger the search area it will cover to bring those customers to your homepage so they can read all about you and your services and products.  Why not  call Spencer Technology Solutions today at 540-815-9397  and let us  help you with your Social Media ?