Don’t be stuck in an old movie … get new technology from Spencer Tech Solutions.

Have you ever noticed when you are watching an old movie that things that “date” the movie the most are phones and computers ? The other things sometimes slip by unnoticed, but if someone gets a big phone out of their purse you are like “this is soooo old”.  And don’t forget about those huge computers sitting on people’s desks, or remember the “super computer” that took up an entire room ?

In today’s modern world, technology is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up to date for your business. But computer specialists, IT Consulting, and Computer Repair in Roanoke, are not as difficult to find as you may think.  Spencer Technology Solutions offers affordable alternatives for small to medium sized businesses that need IT support but cannot afford a full time IT staff.

Afterall, how are you supposed to run your business, and do all the things that are demanded of you every day, and still have time to research technology and troubleshoot IT problems that arise.  As small business owners, Spencer Technology Solutions understands how hard it is to run your business, and do all the things that are required of you on a daily basis.  We work hard to help you succeed, because if your business is successful, so are we. We want to be part of  your winning team.  Give us a call today, and let us help you keep your business on the cutting edge and not stuck in the past.

Computer Consultanting for Roanoke, done the Hokie way.

Are you looking for a Computer Consultant in Roanoke VA ?  If you have a small to medium size business, and need help with your company’s computers then we are the perfect solution for you.   We specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses who don’t  have the budget for a full time IT staff.

We are a locally Hokie Owned and Operated buisness – so why not let Spencer Technology Solutions help you ? We serve a great number of clients in the Roanoke area and beyond. We have a record of giving outstanding service to our customers. We believe in doing everything the Hokie way, and that means giving it 100% all the time.

We can give you the Tech support that you need to keep your technology current, and keep your business competitive.  We handle everything from small computer repairs, to networking for your entire office.  We handle new equipment sales, computer repair,  website developmen,t and social Media consulting, not just in Roanoke, but Blacksburg,Richmond, and even your satellite locations in other states.  We travel far and wide to meet out customers needs.   Because afterall if your computers are not working, chances are your employees are not working either.  Let Roanoke’s best Computer specialists, Spencer Technology Solutions help solve your IT needs today with IT Solutions that really work.  Call us at 540-815-9397.

Social Media and your Roanoke Valley Business, how does it work ?

Spencer Technology Solutions works hard to meet the constant changing needs of our customers, and in the IT world one of the newest changes is the need to compete in the Social Media Market.  To meet our customers needs we are working hard to be Roanoke’s best Social Media Consultants.  Spencer Technology Solutions wants to help you put Social Media to work for you and your business.

We want to meet your Social Media consultanting needs in Roanoke VA and beyond.  Are you new to the Social Media game, and don’t understand it completely ? Let Spencer Techonology Solutions give you a free consultation and show you how we can put together a personalized Social Media package that will work for your company.

There are many ways that Social Media allows you to promote your business, such as with blog articles, videos, photo albums on your facebook page and much more. We can access your business’ needs and help you decide what you need to utilize Social Media Marketing.

We can make it easier for new customers to find you and read more about your business by increasing your Search Engine Optimization and Analytics Scores. Let us help you get into the game,  call us today at 540-815-9397 for your Social Media consultation, and let us show you how you can conquer the new frontier for your business. Let us go to work for you.