Internet Security- is it important for your business?

Spencer Technology Solutions, Roanoke’s premier IT Consultant group, has spoken at many events in the last few years about the topic of Inernet security and how to make it work for your business.

Matt Spencer, the President of Spencer Technology Solutions,  is still asked questions by our customers on a regular basis about internet security.  I am sure that most of you know that in today’s business world, it is extremely important to have security because of various privacy laws and the confidentiality of critical data, but did you know that Internet security is becoming increasingly important for all areas of businesses even if your data isn’t exactly earth-shattering in confidentiality.

Unfortunately, Internet security is becoming a necessity in all types of business simply because employees abuse the internet in so many ways, from things as simple as internet games to things as disturbing as pornography in the office place.  Many employees browse hundreds of websites per week during work hours. Have you wondered when people have the time to play  these new popular internet games — guess what they are playing them on the job.  So while your employees are preventing their crops from wilting or other such fun things, you are seeing less and less productivity.  Some employees even spend time looking for other jobs, and reading classified ads while on the clock. In addition to the productivity you are losing, many of these sites that are visited by employees are laced with viruses that can damage your business’ computers, cause them to freeze up, run slower, and eventually need costly repair.

What should you do? Most employees need the internet to do various job duties in the office, so how can you combat this problem ? For more information on Internet Security, and the various options available to you to combat this problem give us a call at 540-815-9397 and let us schedule a consultation to help you analyze your business’s needs, and the best way to handle your security issues.   Remember Spencer Technology Solutions is here to meet all your IT needs, give us a call today, and see what we can do for you.

Here’s a Quarter …

Imagine a world without the internet — without cell phones — without microwaves and VCR’s ?  I can imagine it easily because when I was a child none of those things were common household items.  But today’s generation has no idea what a life without the convience of all this technology is like.

Remember the days when you had to walk to a pay phone if your car broke down ? My daughter has no idea what a payphone is.  We were listening to the radio and heard the song “Here’s a Quarter –Call someone who cares.”  and I had to explain to he what the quarter was for – she had never heard of needing a quarter to make a phone call.  Now I bet you are thinking  to yourself  “When was the last time I saw a pay phone ? ”

Technology is changing with increasing speed, so what was current six months ago is no outdated.  How can you keep up with the technology you need, and manage all other things you have on your plate ?  You call an expert, like Spencer Technology Solutions.

We are the Roanoke Valley’s premiere IT Consulting firm, and we have the answers to all of your Technology questions and concerns.  Give us a call today and let us show you our first hand customer service, and let us demonstrate for you how we can give you the IT Solutions that you are looking for.   Cal Spencer Technology Solutions today at 540-815-9397.

New Year – Try Technology Solutions that Work !

How does it feel to be in the second decade of a new millenium ? It’s quite amazing when you think about it.  I remember when I was a little girl and I used to imagine what it would be like to be an adult living in the year 2000.  With the help of the images from movies and magazines, I imagined a world with floating cities and cars — something out of the Jetsons.   While the new millenium is not quite what they planned in the cartoons and movies of the 1970’s and 80’s, our world is definetly more advanced and on the cutting edge of technology.   I am constantly amazed at what a cell phone can do !

But sometimes all that technology can be confusing, so what do you need when you need help with your latestet gadgets?  You call Spencer Technology Solutions for all your IT Support and Tech Consulting Needs in Roanoke and beyond.  After all, we offer Technology Solutions that really work.  We will be happy to take the time to sit down with you and help you understand your gadgets so you can make the most of your time, but putting your technology to work for you.

If you need a little help to get your new year started right with all your new technology, why not give Spencer Technology Solutions a call and let us help you make the most of living in the new millenium !