How Can Social Media help you ?

How can Social Media help you ?  That is what Spencer Technology Consultants, Roanoke’s  computer specialists are here to explain it to you.   Social Media has several common forms you probably have heard of and even use yourself. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the most popular.  But what does that mean to your business ?  It means casting a huge net on the world wide web to “reel in” many more potential customers.  No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore, when it is usually so much easier to  go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, or some other search engine tool on the Internet.  You know how it works, you type in some key words, and then a list of businesses appear.

Spencer Technology Solutions can help you get your business on that list and make sure it stays there with an effective Social Media marketing strategy.  Call Spencer Technology Solutions at 540-815-9397, and let us give you a free consultation on how we can help you maximize all forms of Social Media for your business.  Were here to help !

Help is just a phone call away ?

Are you looking for  IT Support in Roanoke VA ?   Well, look no further, because help is just a phone call away.  Spencer Technology Solutions, has the perfect solution to all of your computer problems.  Just let Roanoke’s computer consultant — Matt Spencer — evaluate your business and give you a free consultation on what we can do to increase your business’ productivity and computer performance.

Spencer Technology Solutions has years of experience in meeting the needs of small and medium sized businesses.  Whatever your business’ technology needs are, we have a program that will fit your needs.  We help our customers in many areas, including Internet Security, networking, programming, Social Media Consultation and more.  We will be glad to evaluate your current situation and answer any questions you have about ways to make your system run more efficiently.  Give us a call today 540-815-9397 and let us help you make your business better.

IT Consultants for Roanoke VA !


You have heard us say that Spencer Technology Consultants are IT Consultants in Roanoke VA, but you may be asking what is an IT consultant ?  An IT Consultant is an Internet and Technology Consultant, and basically it means we take care of your home or business computer and technology needs – we keep your machines working.

We specialize in small to medium size businesses whose business is too small for a full time IT staff, but still have IT needs that need to be met ?  Sound perfect for you ? Then why not let Spencer Technology Solutions handle your IT needs for you !  We can manage all your computer needs, and give you the Computer support that you need to keep your business running efficently.  We handle everything from desktop and laptop computer repairs, to networking your entire office with a new server.  We can meet also meet all your needs for new equipment sales, and Social Media marketing and consulting.  Our goal is to help your business succeed because if your computers are not making money, and having a successful business then you will not need us.  Your success is also our success. Why not Roanoke’s premier Computer specialists, Spencer Technology Solutions  join your team today, and help solve your IT needs with IT Solutions that really work.  Call us at 540-815-9397 for more information.