A Computer Age Love Story !

Once upon a time, in town far far away, their lived a little school teacher who was ever so lovely and sweet. She dreamed daily of the Prince Charming she wanted to meet.  She looked at church, and at the grocery store. She looked in the woods, and even at her front door.  One day she even drove into the big city and searched some more. When Alas, all of her hope was spent, on to the computer to sign up for Eharmony she went….days later when her personality profile was finally done, she sighed and said, “This really isn’t any fun.”

Neil Clark Warren just smiled and said, “Oh, but you just wait and see– I have 28 points of compatibility”.  It wasn’t long until matches filled her inbox, and profile after profile she read.  Some were boring, some were strange, and some of those guys were just deranged.  Day after day she looked, but no one had what it took.

Just as her membership was about to expire, she got a note from a guy called “Spencer for Hire”, she looked at his picture, because she just had to see, what exactly a Hokie from Roanoke would be.  Much to her amazement he turned out to be quite nice, and soon they made it through the emails, and he had called her twice.

His voice was pleasant, and he was ever so sweet, it wasn’t long before they decided they just had to meet.  From the Star City he drove down to her little town, GPS guided his way. and he made it there safe and sound.

The first date was just the start, and he knew right away that she had his heart.  From a computer date, he had met his future mate, and MAN was she great.  As for her, she knew he was the one.  Prince Charming had arrived in style … and wow, he had it all, even a great smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day… from our computer to yours ..

Valentine’s Day Tips

It’s that time of year, and love is in the air.  At Spencer Technology Solutions, we want to wish you and your special someone a very Happy Valentine’s Day.   Don’t have any special plans yet ?  Many of the Roanoke areas finest restaurants are offerning special Valentine’s day dining.  Some of our personal favorites include: Montano’s International Gourment, Hollywood’s Diner & Bakery, and even though it is a chain, we stilll love Abuelos.   Why not try one of these terrific restaurants to take your special date ?

Don’t forget the flowers of course, I mean it is Valentine’s Day. If you are on a budget, try stopping by Krogers, Sam’s Club, or Fresh Market, for beautiful roses at discont prices, and hey you even get fuel points at Kroger for purchasing flowers — you can’t beat that.

We hope that however you choose to spend this day that you will be able to spend it with the people that you love the most.

Social Media and your Business.

Social Media  is the new outlet for businesses to stay in touch with customers, vendors, and let’s face it the whole world.   So how do you decide what is the right fit for your business in the Social Media realm ?  Do you want to get your toe wet with a facebook page, or do you want to just dive in the deep end and have it all, blogs, you tube, twitter, the works.  

The First thing you want to consider is what is your goal in using Social Media, is it to attract new customers, provide news for current customers, or both.  Decide your purpose, whether it be simple, or multi-faceted, so you know what the goals of your Social networking will be.

The second thing to consider is time, how much time do you have to devote to this.  If you are like most small business owners, then the answer will be “not much time at all”, if that is the case, you need to consider hiring a Social Media Administrator like Spencer Technology Solutions to handle it for you.

The third thing is of course budget, how much money do you want to invest.  While some companies need to invest a lot into Social Media because marketing is their livelyhood, others may just want a presence so they are keeping up with  technology and assuring their company’s respect among its peers. 

Whatever your Social Media needs, Spencer Technology Solutions is here to help you.  We offer personalized packages to meet the needs of your company no matter how large or small.  Give us a call today, (540-815-9397) and let us help you make a splash with Social Media.