Computer have a Virus ?

Does your computer have a virus?    How does a computer get sick anyway ?  It doesn’t take much, all you have to do is click on a link for the latest news story like Tiger Woods’ divorce, or Kate and William’s wedding  and guess what it isn’t a link, it is a trick from a hacker to infect your computer with a virus.   Maybe you are on facebook, and you see an ad for a great new site with free downloads, and you just couldn’t resist that free song, or free game —  well guess what came with that free game –that’s right  a virus.  It’s sad how easy it is for your computer to get infected, but just like the real world, the world wide web is a dangerous place filled with things that can make your computer sick.  A little advice from the real world can go a long way in cyber world as well, ” If it seems to good to be true (i.e. free games, songs, screensavers) then it probably is. ”  

If your computer is sick, why not let Roanoke’s best computer doctor fix it for you.  Matt Spencer at Spencer Technology Solutions has cured more virus’ than the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, and well I think he is McDreamy too.  I am his wife afterall.   Call us today at 540-815-9397 and let us heal your computer.