IT Support for your life!

What is IT Support & Consulting?  Well in Roanoke at Spencer Technology Solutions it means personal service.  It means having someone to call when you have a question about your computer.  It means having someone to help monitor your back ups, and keep your system going.  It means someone who will come in on the weekend, or the middle of the night to do system updates, so that your employees still work during normal business hours.  In short it means outstanding customer service that will meet all of your computer needs, and give you the computer help you need for your business, not just in Roanoke VA, but in Blacksburg, Richmond, or anywhere our customers need us. 

Let us come give you a free evaluation, and see what we can do for you. . We will look at your current systems and make suggestions for ways to improve your business’s efficency, give you a quote on upgrades, a new system, or whatever you would like. We will take the time to answer all your questions and explain any terminolgy that you do not understand.  That is the type of service you deserve, and that is the type of service you will get with Spencer Technology Solutions.  Call us today at 540-815-9397.

Spring Cleaning ? Don’t forget your computer.

Every year when the weather warms up, we start thinking of all the things we need to do, like pack away winter clothes, and clean out closets — you know Spring Cleaning !  But what about your computer ?  Just like your closet, junk can build up on your computer.  All those files you downloaded to see a joke, or video – they take up space.  All those files you haven’t used in years ? They are just sitting there taking up space, and possibly slowing down your computer.  

Think of your computer like your truck, if it is pulling a camper behind it — doesn’t it take longer to get up the hill, and burn more gas?   Computers are the same way.  If your computer is taking ten minutes to come up when you turn it on – consider checking to see if you have a lot of extra files, videos, or pictures on your computer that you don’t need.  You could burn them to a disc and store them, or a variety of other options.  Don’t forget to let your computer run it’s own clean up programs often, like defragmenting, or virus scan.  These can also clean up your computer and help it to run more quickly and efficently. 

Of course, if you try this and your computer is still slowwwwwwwwww, it could just mean that you have an old truck, I mean computer.  It could be time for an upgrade. For more information on any of your IT Needs in Roanoke, or beyond, email or call us at Spencer Technology Solutions, and let us solve all of your computer problems.

Computer Help Everyday for Roanoke VA !

All I need to do is print this document and I will be done !  Ahhhh, but I want to pull my hair our because it will not print.  I have tried everything, and nothing works, now what do I do ?   Who do you call for computer help and IT Support  in Roanoke VA, call Spencer Technology Solutions (STS).  We can get that document to print for you, and answer all your questions no matter how small or how big. We offer IT Consulting and Tech Solutions for Roanoke business’  that will meet your needs. whatever your problem.  We specialize in support for small to medium size businesses, and our expertise extends to IT Consulting, Social Media Consulting, Website design, Networking, computer equipment sales, and so much more.  Our customers trust us to give them the best computer help and support available for their homes and business in the Roanoke Valley.

Don’t pull out your hair, or cause any more wrinkle lines to come on your face, let the worries drift away with Spencer Technology Solutions (540) 815-9397.