Did you know a Blog was a billboard ?

You are driving down I-95 on your way to the beach,  and you see one sign after another for a place called “South of the Border.”  You ignore the first 10 signs, but eventually your curiosity starts to get the better of you after 20 more signs, and  soon the kids are noticing the signs too, and begging you to stop.  Did the billboards do their trick ?  Apparently so,  because they get 1o0o’s of tourists to stop every year.  Now you ask me, what does that have to do with a blog helping my business?  I’m so glad you asked your favorite IT Consultant in Roanoke, Spencer Technology Solutions.

Imagine if you will that the internet is a virtual world, and your company’s website is your business in that virtual world. Now ask yourself how do you get traffic to stop at your business in the virtual world?  You need a lot of signs, “billboards” if you will that point traffic in your direction.  Blogs are those billboards, and your Social Media Consultant in Roanoke VA at Spen Tech can show you how to get your own billboards in the virtual world.

Not only do blogs give you an archive of news and information about your business for your customers, they give you a presence in the virtual world.  The more blogs you have with key words in them describing your company, the more your presence is felt, and that increases what we call Searh Engine Optimization (SEO).  What that means to you is when someone does a  google search for key words associated with your business, your business gets closer and closer to the top of the list with each blog you put in cyber space.  Instead of page 10, you now come up on page 1, and that my friend makes traffic stop.  Why not call Spencer Technology Solutions today, your Computer & Networking Consultants in Roanoke VA, and let us show you how to stop traffic the high tech way – 540-815-9397.

What is Facebook Anyway ?

So what is Facebook Anyway?   That is what we at Spencer Technology Solutions, Roanoke’s  IT Consultants, and computer specialists are here to explain to you.  Facebook is commonly known as a form of Social Media.  But what does that mean to you ?  Well personally, it means a way to connect with old friends, or keep in touch with family members who live far away.  Professionally, it means having an outlet to communicate with your current customers and a way to cast a huge net on the world wide web  for many more potential customers.  Let’s face it … Facebook is the new Yellow Pages.  When today’s client wants information, they go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, or some other search engine tool on the Internet.  They put in key words, and then a list of businesses appear.   So what is Facebook anyway?   Facebook is a way to get your business on that list.  For your business Facebook is the future of marketing and advertising.  Call Spencer Technology Solutions at 540-815-9397, and let us give you a free consultation on how we can help you maximize Facebook and all forms of Social Media for your business, let us be your Social Media Consultants for your Roanoke business, so your business doesn’t get left behind in the Social Media generation.

How can a blog help my business ?

There are a lot of new terms out there, like Social Media, tweeting,  and blogging.  Well, in our next series of blogs we are going to be exploring these new terms and what they mean. Today, we are going to start with what is a blog and what can it do for me?  A blog  can have many purposes, but its primary purpose in working with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) for your business is to help direct traffic from search engines to your website and facebook page.  Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo catalog all the words on the internet. So if I have ten blogs that reference Tech Solutions Roanoke Va, that is going to help Spencer Technology Solutions get closer to the top of the search results when someone looks up that phrase on a search engine.  Using a blog is all about key words and phrases and using them correctly in your blog to help push traffic to your website.  In essence it is comparative to putting a bigger ad in the yellow pages from days gone by.   The more blogs you have the bigger your yellow pages ad. 

Now while that is main purpose that most business owners want from their blog, it is not all that a blog is useful for.  A blog is also useful for archiving information for your company.   You are creating your own library of information for others to view.  You can list any information that you want to help others know more about your business.   Think of it as your own series of articles in the paper, or in a magazine.   You can print whatever you wish for your reading audience.  A blog is an information outlet, as well as a marketing tool.  Why not let Spencer Technology Solutions set up a blog for your business today?  Call us at 540-815-9397 for more details.