Computers Need a Doctor too !

Have you ever been so sick you could hardly hold your head up, and then when you get to the doctor’s office you suddenly start feeling better ?  Or that temperature you have been running all weekend now comes up as normal when the nurse takes your temperature ?  Sometimes it seems like the problem goes away as soon as you see the doctor.  Interestingly enough, that can happen with computers too.  We have customers whose computers won’t work at all.  They call Spencer Tech Solutions, and Matt makes a house call to fix their ailing computer.  As soon as he walks in the door, and touches the keyboard the problem goes away.  Customers are speechless, “How did you do that ? ”  Well, sometimes all it takes is seeing the doctor.  Years of experience have taught Matt all of the tricks of the trade.  He has a million ways to solve your computer problem, and we even make house calls.

Whether your business is in Roanoke, Christiansburg, or Blacksburg, we are here to serve all your computer needs.   Give us a call today, and see what magic we can come up with to solve your computer problems.

Help with all of your Computer Needs

kidDo you need help assessing your computer needs, and knowing how to make the best decisions for the technology needs of your business ? Spencer Technology Solutions is here to offer help to your business in the Roanoke, Salem, and the New River Valley.

We give Consultations to help you evaluate the possible IT solutions for your company, and help you make informed decisions about your computer needs.

Whatever your computer needs are, we can handle it, and we can give you the Computer help that you need to keep your business running efficiently.  We handle everything from small computer repairs, to networking your entire office with a new server. Not only do we offer computer consulting, but we can also help you with your marketing needs and business needs. We will put our heads together with your team, and come up with business and IT solutions that can meet all your company’s needs from new computer equipment, computer repair, to website development and Social Media consulting, not just in Roanoke, but wherever our customers need us. We travel to meet out customers needs.   Because after if you are successful, we will be successful. Let us be part of your winning team.  Let Roanoke’s premier Computer specialists, Spencer Technology Solutions help solve your IT needs today with IT Solutions that really work.  Call us at 540-815-9397.

What’s in a Name ? Spencer Technology Solutions

What’s in a business name or brand name ? Hopefully, the name reflects the quality and integrity of your business, and let’s your clients know what you stand for.  At Spencer Technology Solutions, we hope that our name will mean the best computer and IT consulting services available in the area, and  that our name will bring to mind the great customer service we strive to provide.

We not only work hard to make our business name respectable in the Roanoke area, but we strive to give you the computer knowledge, skills and equipment to make your business successful, and help your company’s name mean quality service as well.  Let’s face it, if your computers are not working that can mean delays for your customers, and it can affect the service you provide.  If we do our job, then you can do yours ! Our goal is to help all of our clients be more successful in their business by enabling them with the tools they need.  Call us today at 540-815-9397 and let us show you The Spencer Tech Solutions difference !