Casting Your Net With Social Media

fishingnetsSo you have heard all the talk about how every business needs a presence in the new Social Media Market, but how do you fit in, where do you start ?  Well it’s time to let Spencer Technology Solutions help you  cast your net with Social Media, and get into the water of the world wide web by being your Social Media Consultants.

Let us explain to you the latest in Social Media technology, like networking with your  blog and other social media components.  Basically, what that means to you is that your Blog and your Facebook page (and/or Twitter, Linked In etc.)  are linked together (or networked). So whenever you publish a blog post it automatically goes posts to your Facebook page.  This makes your “net” bigger that you are casting out into the world wide web, and will help you catch more “fish” so to speak.  The bigger the net, the farther the reach into Google, and Bing to bring those customers to your homepage so they can read all about you and your services and products.  So how about letting Spencer Technology Solutions help you with your Social Media ? Give us a call today at 540-815-9397 to learn more about our Social Media Consultation packages.