A Computer Age Love Story !

Once upon a time, in town far far away, their lived a little school teacher who was ever so lovely and sweet. She dreamed daily of the Prince Charming she wanted to meet.  She looked at church, and at the grocery store. She looked in the woods, and even at her front door.  One day she even drove into the big city and searched some more. When Alas, all of her hope was spent, on to the computer to sign up for Eharmony she went….days later when her personality profile was finally done, she sighed and said, “This really isn’t any fun.”

Neil Clark Warren just smiled and said, “Oh, but you just wait and see– I have 28 points of compatibility”.  It wasn’t long until matches filled her inbox, and profile after profile she read.  Some were boring, some were strange, and some of those guys were just deranged.  Day after day she looked, but no one had what it took.

Just as her membership was about to expire, she got a note from a guy called “Spencer for Hire”, she looked at his picture, because she just had to see, what exactly a Hokie from Roanoke would be.  Much to her amazement he turned out to be quite nice, and soon they made it through the emails, and he had called her twice.

His voice was pleasant, and he was ever so sweet, it wasn’t long before they decided they just had to meet.  From the Star City he drove down to her little town, GPS guided his way. and he made it there safe and sound.

The first date was just the start, and he knew right away that she had his heart.  From a computer date, he had met his future mate, and MAN was she great.  As for her, she knew he was the one.  Prince Charming had arrived in style … and wow, he had it all, even a great smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day… from our computer to yours ..

2 Replies to “A Computer Age Love Story !”

  1. ELisa

    Is this true??? Wow I had no idea that you two met on the computer – well it is fitting then that you work in your computer business, together!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

    • Laura Spencer

      Hi Elisa, Yes, this is a true story. We met on E-harmony. We were both skeptics, but were not having any luck meeting people, so we signed up, and the rest as they say is history. I have several friends who met their future husband(s) on E-harmony too. I guess it is the age of the computer love story. He he he.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too !!

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