Help with all of your Computer Needs

kidDo you need help assessing your computer needs, and knowing how to make the best decisions for the technology needs of your business ? Spencer Technology Solutions is here to offer help to your business in the Roanoke, Salem, and the New River Valley.

We give Consultations to help you evaluate the possible IT solutions for your company, and help you make informed decisions about your computer needs.

Whatever your computer needs are, we can handle it, and we can give you the Computer help that you need to keep your business running efficiently.  We handle everything from small computer repairs, to networking your entire office with a new server. Not only do we offer computer consulting, but we can also help you with your marketing needs and business needs. We will put our heads together with your team, and come up with business and IT solutions that can meet all your company’s needs from new computer equipment, computer repair, to website development and Social Media consulting, not just in Roanoke, but wherever our customers need us. We travel to meet out customers needs.   Because after if you are successful, we will be successful. Let us be part of your winning team.  Let Roanoke’s premier Computer specialists, Spencer Technology Solutions help solve your IT needs today with IT Solutions that really work.  Call us at 540-815-9397.

Helping Small Business with their IT Needs

What are your IT needs ?  Do you need help with setting up a networking system in your office ?  A website, facebook page or blog?   Or is it just something as simple as needing new equipment updates ?  Whatever your problem, Spencer Technology Solutions is here to meet your Technology needs.   We serve as IT Consultants for Roanoke, Salem, and the New River Valley. What that means to us is meeting many different needs from computer help and repair to Social Media Consulting to Complete Networking of and technology set up.  Whatever your company’s special computer needs are, we are here to give the computer help you need.  You will be amazed at the personalized service you get, and pleased with the reasonable price.  No other company can offer you the personal attention and great service for all your computer needs in Roanoke VA like Spencer Technology Solutions.  Call us today for a free consult, and let us show you how we can offer you Tech Solutions that will improve your company’s performance, and enhance your working capabilities.  Call us today at 540-815-9397 for more information.

Getting your Business into the Social Media Market

ffffffBy now you  have probably heard how every business needs a presence in the new Social Media Market, but where do you start ?  How do you know what’s right for your business ?  It can be difficult to know what to do first, so why not let the experts at  Spencer Technology Solutions help you  “Cast your Net” with Social Media, and get into the water of the world wide web. We are here to be your Social Media Consultants, and to help you get started.

Let us show you the latest in Social Media technology, like networking using your  blog and other important social media components.  Basically, what that means to you is that your Blog and your Facebook page (and/or Twitter, Linked In etc)  are linked together (or networked). So whenever you publish a blog post it automatically goes posts to your Facebook page.  This makes your “net” bigger that you are casting out into the world wide web, and will help you catch more “fish” so to speak.  The bigger the net, the farther the reach into google, and bing to bring those customers to your homepage so they can read all about you and your services and products.  So how about letting Spencer Technology Solutions help you with your Social Media ? Give us a call today at 540-815-9397 to learn more about our Social Media Consultation packages.