What’s in a Name ?

MattPicWhat’s in a business name or brand name ? Hopefully, the name reflects the quality and integrity of your business, and let’s your clients know what you stand for.  At Spencer Technology Solutions, we hope that our name will mean the best computer and IT consulting services available in the area, and  that our name will bring to mind the great customer service we strive to provide.

We not only work hard to make our business name respectable in the Roanoke area, but we strive to give you the computer knowledge, skills and equipment to make your business successful, and help your company’s name mean quality service as well.  Let’s face it, if your computers are not working that can mean delays for your customers, and it can affect the service you provide.  If we do our job, then you can do yours ! Our goal is to help all of our clients be more successful in their business by enabling them with the tools they need.  Call us today at 540-815-9397 and let us show you The Spencer Tech Solutions difference !